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Had too much? Or maybe you just want to feel the effects of cannabis like you used to? UNDOO is made to help with overconsumption, resetting your tolerance, swiftly clearing your head, and helping to manage the THC experience.

Who is UNDOO for?

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THC Overconsumption

Did you take it a little too far? Are you feeling uncomfortable dysphoria due to THC? Maybe you’re just nervous about experimenting with cannabis and getting “too high”? Enjoy cannabis and use UNDOO softgels as your cannabis safety net. UNDOO softgels will swiftly to clear your head and ease the unwanted side effects of cannabis overconsumption.

Bad Timing

Consume without the worry of being unprepared for the unexpected. Surprise calls, meetings, or family visits may cause a negative experience with cannabis, UNDOO softgels will lower the intensity of your THC until you find yourself in an enjoyable setting.

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THC Tolerance Reset

Are you a frequent cannabis user who needs to spend a lot (and consume a lot) to satisfy your THC tolerance? Do you just not feel the effects of cannabis like you used to? UNDOO softgels allow you to reset your tolerance and your cannabis budget. Take the amount of UNDOO softgels that is properly aligned with your tolerance to experience cannabis and start the day fresh!


Morning Fog

Are you dealing with leftover consumption issues? Find yourself still high or foggy when you wake up? Take UNDOO softgels with a full glass (12 oz.) of water to clear your head so you can take on the day!

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Recover your clarity when you need it most.

Before and After taking UNDOO


Directions for Use

1. Stop Cannabis Consumption
2. Don’t Panic
3. Take One or Two Undoo Softgels as needed
4. Drink plenty of water
5. Relax

Recover your clarity when you need it most.

The Science Behind UNDOO

Patented Formula

There is a reason that cannabis users don’t stay high forever. Your body has the natural ability to come down in time, however, in times of overconsumption or when seeking swift mental clarity, your body’s natural mechanisms might not work fast enough to your preference. UNDOO softgels simply support your body’s natural ability to counteract the psychotropic effects of THC.

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The Minds Behind UNDOO


Jimmy Carberry

President and Co-Founder
Jimmy Carberry is the scientist who discovered the now patented UNDOO soft gel formula. The ONLY Cannabis public safety product.


Sarara Corva

A consultant, caregiver, and patient, Sarara Corva educates individuals and groups on Marijuana as Medicine. Medical Professionals, patients and industry leaders seek her out for her diverse knowledge on the applications of the medicine and the industry in general.

Dr Joseph J Morgan

Joseph J. Morgan, MD

Medical Advisor
Joseph J Morgan, MD, AACM is Dean’s Professor of Cannabis Education at the Substance Use Disorders Institute at University of the Sciences, the oldest pharmacy school in the USA.

Recover your clarity when you need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

A softgel capsule intended to ease the side effects of cannabis overconsumption and manage tolerance.

Make sure to take UNDOO® with PLENTY of water (at least 12oz). You must take the softgels with water for maximum results. Take 1 or 2 softgels, depending on your need. For swifter relief, take both softgels at once. For edibles and high tolerances see comments below.

After consuming UNDOO®, depending on the your dose, you will begin to regain clarity as THC is cleared from your receptors.

UNDOO® is a supplement intended to clear your head and ease the intensity of the high in a short period. It does not eliminate the feeling of well being often experienced with THC.

The amount of time will vary, depending upon the individual, the type and amount of cannabis consumed, as well as the ingestions method. Undoo® softgel eases the intensity and shortens the duration of the effects, bringing swift relief typically within 5-20 minutes. However, with strong edibles and concentrates it could take up to an hour for significant clarity.

UNDOO® is a supplement that works with the body’s natural ability to metabolize THC that brings clarity on a biological and psychological level. Undoo® is PATENTED for this use specifically.

The Patented (U.S. Pat. No. 9, 918, 947) UNDOO® softgel contains a formulated mix of Vitamin E, Olive Oil, and Olivetol. Each packet contains two softgels.

Yes, UNDOO® softgels have been designed to work with all types of cannabis products. For Edibles: take 1 or 2 UNDOO® softgels with water. While 1 will usually help reverse many situations with edibles, you may want to take 2 if you are dealing with something extra strong or you are extra sensative. If you take 1 and the edible’s effects return due to digestive processes, then take the 2nd softgel. In this situation, the 2nd UNDOO® softgel will help with the remaining fogginess.

Yes, UNDOO® softgels work very well with dabs, helping ease the over-concentrated feeling. If you need clarity fast… if you suddenly have to deal with a life situation… UNDOO® will clear your head rapidly.

Yes, take 2 softgels (or more depending on the user) at night before sleep with 8-12 oz. of water for an overnight “tolerance reset”.

Yes! UNDOO® is formulated to promote clarity, so if you’re dealing with leftover consumption issues (still high or unclear when you wake up), take 1 UNDOO® softgel in the morning with water!

UNDOO® softgels have NO CBD or any other Cannabinoids. Our formula is a scientific breakthrough that works the same way as our body’s natural chemistry to produce clarity. 

The UNDOO® supplement does NOT remove toxins and is NOT intended for use with alcohol. It is formulated for use with cannabis only. It will not make you any less drunk.

NO, UNDOO® softgels are formulated to clear your head, not your urine!

Contact us for wholesale orders or order online at www.UNDOO.com. It is available in all 50 states.