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President & Founder


Jimmy Carberry is the President and co-Founder of UNDOO® LLC. He is the scientist who discovered the now patented UNDOO soft gel formula. The ONLY Cannabis public safety product.

Jimmy has a unique relationship with the Cannabis industry spanning over 30 years.

He is an educator and speaker in the US and Europe as a patient advocate, “Glaucoma Jim”. Diagnosed with glaucoma in his 30’s Jimmy discovered Cannabis medicine as the most effective way to manage his condition and prevent blindness. He helps thousands of people understand the value of the medicine, both publicly and in private consultation. He also appears on radio, and TV and is often written about in magazines for his long term contributions to the Cannabis industry over the past 35 years.

Jimmy is a Co-Founder of Compassionate Caregivers, a collective in California in the early days. Coming from a patient’s perspective, he realized the importance of having access to quality medicine, from knowledgeable staff, in a clean safe environment.

As Dispensary Director he was responsible for all aspects of the dispensary business, from design through operations, staff hiring and training, media, promotions and marketing. He helped to open several medical dispensaries in California, personally training retail sales personnel to knowledgably help patients.

Additionally, he has decades of experience in the paraphernalia industry. He worked in production, design, promotion and distribution of products in the Glass Paraphernalia Industry. In this capacity he worked the national trade shows for 25+ years, marketing and promoting.

Jimmy is a seasoned veteran of the rapidly growing Cannabis industry, and a formulating scientist with a revolutionary, game changing product. UNDOO® softgels, The Cannabis Safety Net.




A consultant, caregiver, and patient, Sarara Corva educates individuals and groups on Marijuana as Medicine. Medical Professionals, patients and industry leaders seek her out for her diverse knowledge on the applications of the medicine and the industry in general.

Sarara is the conference coordinator and a speaker for the Marijuana for Medical Professionals 2014, 2016 and 2018 conferences, the highly acclaimed, academic medical conferences in Denver.

She regularly teaches “Cannabis 101”“Overcoming Cannabis Stigmas” and “Understanding and Managing Over-consumption” and “Consumption & Overconsumption” to new patients and their families. While her main focus is teaching Senior citizens, she also teaches classes on Cannabis as medicine to budtenders in the dispensaries.

Sarara is CEO of UNDOO LLC, the maker of the only patented “Greened Out Antidote” product, that can mitigate the effects of too much THC.

As a cancer survivor, she is a consultant to cancer patients choosing to use Cannabis and other alternative treatments for healing from cancer.

She is volunteer CEO for Canna Heal Now, a resource for patients that focuses on education. See, www.Cannahealnow.com for more details.