I got first introduced to UNDOO due back in May 2019.  I am a frequent marijuana user so I wanted to give it a shot. The first time I used it I took it at night after using marijuana all day.  I wanted to try it as a tolerance reset. So I took two tablets before bed right around 10 PM.  When I woke up the next day I felt completely clear headed and refreshed I didn’t have that groggy/sluggish feeling I would usually wake up with after using marijuana.  So then my curiosity kicked in and wanted to see what I would feel like smoking after I took a reset. I was quite surprised when I found out not only did I need less then usual. The high felt as if it was one of the first times I ever used!

UNDOO is an awesome product in my opinion and does exactly what it is intended to do I would recommend this to anyone who would just like a tolerance reset or ends up using at the wrong time and needs it to unhaze!



OMG!  I took the UNDOO last night.  Drank a glass of water with the sofgels, woke up feeling bright and bushy tailed, no haze!  So that worked.  I did get up to pee 3x before y alarm went off because I drank a pint of water right before bed.  My morning smoke has been DELIGHTFUL.  I have crappy weed right now and I have an AMAZING head buzz right now and I’m tingly like I used to get!!!

This product really does work. I thought I was pretty much DONE for the evening…but after UNDOO the fog lifted just enough for me to continue to have fun and still have a nice feeling. THANKS! 🙂

Adele, Arizona

What is UNDOO? It’s the all natural, cannabis-free gel capsule that is purported to dramatically reduce the effects of overconsumption without mitigating the associated therapeutic benefits. I have now heard dozens of testimonials of its efficacy, leading me to suspect that this new supplement may soon become a market mainstay.

Quest 4 the Best, HQ Magazine ​

I was able to procure some very high percentage of Rosin that a friend made and in testing a new product took it to heart to infiltrate myself with high THC content. I was well hydrated and on an empty stomach by the way. Once I succeeded in infusing myself, I took a capsule and assumed the couch lock position. That was all I wanted to do at the time. Truly within 30 minutes I was feeling clear and ready to rock with clarity and a level head.

Keiko Beatie, Edibles List Magazine

I recently put UNDOO softgels to the test. While traveling on business, I ate 30mg of a medical marijuana cookie and a 20mg gummy bear on an empty stomach-all while smoking a vape pen to manage chronic pain. It was only after turning past white and felling as though I was going to vomit and pass out that I ate one softgel. It began to ease the discomfort of the high immediately. Within three minutes I started thinking clearly, I felt well enough to eat and the anxiety subsided. I couldn’t believe the difference, and I still felt the medical benefits of the cannabis I had consumed.

Weed Betty, Dope Magazine

I have been a hardcore smoker for at least 15yrs. I tried everything to get my tolerance down without quitting smoking and it just wouldn’t work! Finally, I took only ONE capsule of UNDOO. The next day my fiancé commented that it was the “highest” he’s ever seen me,
I felt great, pain-free, anxiety-free…back like I was in high school! Thanks, UNDOO!

Brandi, Arizona


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